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Drag & Drop Renamer - Beta
DnD Renamer allows you to rename any file you want by patterns.
You can drag and drop files to the main window of the program and even to its shortcut.

Feel free to report on any bug or desired features

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How it works:

At the main window you have the default action that executed when files are dropped into the program.

The syntax:
%n - Replaced with the original file name
%d - Replaced with the serial number if more then one file is dropped
[dd] - The current day, likewise: [mm], [yyyy], [hh], [ii], [ss] for month, year, hours, minutes, seconds respectively
filter: - This action will apply filters on the file name (case sensitive action)

%n_[yyyy]-[mm]-[dd] - If we drag a file with the name "example file.txt" the result will be: "example file_2010-12-31.txt"
picture_%d - If we drag ten files at once the result will be: "picture_1.jpg", "picture_2.jpg",...,"picture_10.jpg".
The index can be defined by: "File last modified date", "File created date", "File name".
The  filter has two delimiters:
| - To seperate each filter
: - To seperate the old string and the new string in the each filter
Lets look at the file "my.movie_xvid.avi"
If I apply: "filter: .: |_xvid:" the result will be "my movie.avi"
The dot replaced with space and the "_xvid" was removed because after the delimiters ":" we put the delimiters "|"
In that way you can clean file names from unwanted characters.

When the extensions option is checked the default action is overrided by the extensions table.
All the above rules applies in that table and preformed on the target file type.


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