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MIPS Multiplication
To multiply two numbers in assembly we can use right and left shifts.
You can see the procedure below:
	# $a0 - Multiplicand
	# $a1 - Multiplier
	# $v0 - Result
	# $t0 - The mask for the right bit
	# $t1 - The LSB of the multiplier

	li $v0, 0	# Initialize the result register
	li $t0, 1	# Initialize the mask 
	li $t1, 0	# Initialize the LSB result

		beq $a1, $zero, Multiplication_end	# If the multiplier is zero we finished
		and $t1, $t0, $a1			# Get the LSB
		beq $t1, 1, Multiplication_do_add	# If the LSB is not zero add the multiplicand to the result
		beq $t1, 0, Multiplication_do_shift	# If the LSB is zero add just do the shifts

			addu $v0, $v0, $a0		

			sll $a0, $a0, 1			# Shift left the multiplicand
			srl $a1, $a1, 1			# Shift right the multiplier

		j Multiplication_loop			# Back to the loop

		jr $ra					# Return with the result in $v0 register
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